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Many auto and home insurance agents and brokers limit
their business to 'Super-preferred' customers only, trying
to minimize their LOSSES and having the least amount of
"headaches" possible.

Our company is dedicated not only to the PREFERRED CUSTOMER, but we have the absolute best auto and homeowners insurance rates for EVERYONE ELSE!

So many people pay a high price to begin with due to their age, driving record, type of vehicle and where they live that a broker must have access to dozens of insurance companies in order to save the customer money. SAVING MONEY is our primary goal but not our only goal.

You can be assured that each and every employee we have is a licensed insurance professional and will give you the ultimate in service. Our company is licensed by the Callifornia Dept. of Insurance and we have never been in violation of any insurance laws. Our license number is #0806334 and can be checked online at WWW.INSURANCE.CA.GOV

Many of our customers have saved over 50% due to our expertise in obtaining rates from over 30 different insurance companies. Due to the fact that most online insurance quotes are inaccurate, we strongly suggest that you complete the 'Contact Us' form and we will call you the same or next business day, guaranteed.



Insurance Company
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